Sunday, October 26, 2008

I`m here

First my flight was delayed but once we were all seated a suitcase fell out of the rack onto a passengers head so we had to wait for the paramedics to ok her *sigh*

Judith picked me up and we headed for the furniture store. I will need to go back again to look but they had some good prices and are willing to store the furniture until I need it delivered. Judith suggested I talk to a mexican moving company and have locals send my furniture to the border in San Diego and have them take it from there...much cheaper.

I am learning some interesting things about moving here. Haircuts can be as low as $4. An hour and a half massage is $20! If I bring a car down after I get my FM3 visa I never have to get a car license here nor pay any taxes nor get a drivers license. Auto insurance is about $200 a year. Property taxes on my condo will be about $500 a year.

I will be meeting with Franklin tomorrow and taking movies and photos of my condo...can´t wait!

The hotel I am in is awesome. 2 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms , kitchen, livingroom, 2 decks, high ceilings in every room...marble floors, a laundry room....two pools and a walk across the street to a big supermarket. More later...

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Laurel said...

Wow, it sounds great. You're staying in a mansion! And the prices of everything sound very tempting. How much are the Margaritas?