Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Sebastian Trip

After some really rainy times it seems like the rainy season now isn't so rainy (try saying that three times).

Yesterday I made my first trip out of PV. Went with John and Colin to San Sebastian, a beautiful mountain town about 2 hours from PV. It was like stepping back in time--we felt like we were in an old western movie. Weather was perfect. We went to a hacienda that had been used during the time of the silver mines in Mexico. John Huston was a frequent guest there and even had his own special room. No electricity so when one stays there there are gas lamps for your room, plus a fireplace. The hacienda was simple in a very elegant way (does that make sense?). There are three rooms that can be rented for guests. A new friends' son is the owner/caretaker. I am already planning to go back as soon as possible. The various fruits and vegetables that are grown there (along with the coffee plantation) have to be seen to be believed--a garden of eden.

Also went into town and visited a coffee plantation (of course had to buy some freshly roasted dark coffee).

I'm finding that having a car is becoming more of a necessity here. Colin has been great in driving me around when we go places together. Otherwise I walk into old town if the weather is cool (mornings) or I take a bus. Colin will join me in California and we will drive my Lexus back to PV. This will certainly be an adventure!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday was just like living in a, hot, hot and high, high, high humidity. Glad there is AC here. After a nice lunch (with AC thank you very much!) Colin and I went on a walk around old town looking for some bowls for the soon-to-be-purchased fish for my condo. The humidity finally got to me. When I finally returned home jumped in the shower, turned on the AC in each room and spent the rest of the afternoon under a fan.

Unfortunately it still does't look like rain is coming--it's sunny (who knew that would be a bad thing). Once we get a nice rain we are good for quite awhile.