Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Sebastian Trip

After some really rainy times it seems like the rainy season now isn't so rainy (try saying that three times).

Yesterday I made my first trip out of PV. Went with John and Colin to San Sebastian, a beautiful mountain town about 2 hours from PV. It was like stepping back in time--we felt like we were in an old western movie. Weather was perfect. We went to a hacienda that had been used during the time of the silver mines in Mexico. John Huston was a frequent guest there and even had his own special room. No electricity so when one stays there there are gas lamps for your room, plus a fireplace. The hacienda was simple in a very elegant way (does that make sense?). There are three rooms that can be rented for guests. A new friends' son is the owner/caretaker. I am already planning to go back as soon as possible. The various fruits and vegetables that are grown there (along with the coffee plantation) have to be seen to be believed--a garden of eden.

Also went into town and visited a coffee plantation (of course had to buy some freshly roasted dark coffee).

I'm finding that having a car is becoming more of a necessity here. Colin has been great in driving me around when we go places together. Otherwise I walk into old town if the weather is cool (mornings) or I take a bus. Colin will join me in California and we will drive my Lexus back to PV. This will certainly be an adventure!

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