Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Season, Another Reason....

I am sitting in my with my computer on my lap, AC on, no TV (too bad as this is the week with all the new programs)....the nightly tropical rain started and knocked out my television (it's a dish). When the rains start I know that tomorrow the weather will be cooler since the humidity will be lowered by the rain.

Checking my email I find emails from my seasonal friends who are back or will be soon so 'The Season' is starting! Within the next week or two some of the restaurants that closed for the summer will reopen. Bingo dates are being set, parties are being planned and (yay!) I'll have my first mah jongg game in months!

Last weekend a group of 10 of us took the first yacht trip of the season. We started with mimosas at a local private yacht club and then sailed to a private beach for jazz played on the top deck....wonderful!. My seasick pills worked and I had a great time with my friends, Patty, Ginger, Amy and one of Patty's visitors...a perfect day and a perfect way to get into the feel of the end of summer.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Trip! San Miguel de Allende

Shawn's mother (from Carmel) is thinking of moving to San Miguel de Allende so she has taken a beautiful home plus casita for the summer in San Miguel to try out the house which was #1 on her list when we were there. Shawn and Sandeep are spending the summer there (getting away from the heat of Puerto Vallarta) and they invited Dana and I to join them for a week. What a week it was! We took a day trip to Leon (the shoe capital of Mexico!!!) where we looked at hundreds of shoes...then off to Guanajuato. We did a few other day trips from SM but the best of all was SM which is a beautiful colonial city with a European flair.
Did I buy anything? Not much but did get a couple of pretty pots to put on my deck and put herbs in. Dana and I each bought a molcajate which it turns out is going to be a pain to season! If you click on the word molcajate you'll see for yourself.

All the stores and homes in San Miguel are painted beautiful colors. Businesses cannot put up big nor lighted signs so a place like Starbucks has "Starbucks" written with small letters outside it's beautiful wooden door (the doors in San Miguel are stunning). Inside of the doors one finds beautiful fountains and gardens--in fact there was a book I almost bought "Behind the Walls of San Miguel de Allende". None of the pictures did the place justice so I passed on buying it.

Since San Miguel is at an elevation of 6K feet it and the weather is similar to Monterey's it was a real treat to get out of humid Puerto Vallarta. We attended a party before we left an I met some interesting folks--perhaps I will house sit for them sometime next summer when the heat is too hot here--who knows!

Friend Patty babysat Armani and my condo . Armani acted a bit distant when I returned but he's back to normal again and follows me everywhere. After returning to PV I've had a few sick days, Dana fell while getting her picture taken--got bruised and Patty fell by her fountain and had a couple of days in bed....nice that we all had a good week before that! Will post more pics later.