Sunday, May 31, 2009

More pics

Lobby and Friends in PV

New Pictures of PV

I am still unpacking...but I am here in PV!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Another beautiful day in Paradise! No sign of swine flu here but they do check your temperature when you arrive via some sort of camera thing. Food servers all wear masks just-in-case.

Played Mah Jongg overlooking the bay at the Lindo Mar Bar/Restaurant which is just down the street from my condo--Fantastic view and right on the beach--life doesn't get any better than that! Since I am staying on the other side of town this week it was a real schlep to get there but once I move in to my condo it will be so easy to get to my weekly mah jongg game.

Did my final walk through today and in just two days they had fixed the things I had wanted changed (microwave with a plug now is in a cabinet so it doesn't show), full sized washer and dryer instead of stackable ones, a couple of touch ups on paint.

My furniture is now in PV and will be delivered and installed (picture hanging, etc) next week. I'm expecting to get my keys in the next few days and already have a new key chain ready for them. The builder put in locks on several cabinets and also made the laundry room lockable so that I can lock up items if I should ever trade or rent out my place (nice touch).

Tomorrow I am taking a day off to relax, swim and read a book. I know I said I was doing 'tasks' on Thursday but I changed my mind. I'll do those things on Friday instead...or maybe on Monday or Tuesday...things are a little slower here in Mexico.

Still loving it here...already have one visitor reserving for early November...hope to have more visitors...J.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here at Last!

On May 16 I boarded an Alaska Airline flight for my trip to PV to finally move in to my condo. On Monday I did my walk through and was pleased that there wasn't much to be changed (The microwave had been left on the counter instead of put in a cabinet and the plug needed to be moved into the cabinet--a natural mistake by the workers since I had changed the configuration of my kitchen and they were following the 'usual' configuration where it would be mounted under a cabinet).

Judith and Lee, some PV friends, came along to check the water, plugs etc (Lee is very, very knowledgable about these things). It was great to hear from Lee that all the plugs worked and that the hot and cold water faucets were on the right sides (not always the case).

Tomorrow I will check the corrections (after my Mah Jongg game) and arrange for taking possession. Hopefully my furniture will arrive before I am ready to move in.

I've set up my TV but am going to buy a HD box from Canada as the cost of the receiver here is crazy! So for now I will still be without TV until I get a receiver from Canada/eBay. Here you can share the monthly charge with 4 other people so the montly charge is pretty reasonable.

Thursday I am working on getting my wireless internet, a mattress (the one I was getting from my friend got wet and moldy) so even if my furniture doesn't arrive I will have a bed :-)

I've only been here a few days and am happy I did not buy out here in Nuevo Vallarta--it's just too far from the places I go to although it is beautiful. I had drinks with one of my neighbors and met her local friends. I've also found really helpful locals everywhere I've been. I've got a Soriana card (it's a supermarket card like Safeway has that gives you points and then you can get free stuff)so I am feeling very local already even though I am still a 'newbie'.