Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speeding in PV

It finally happened! I was pulled over by the local police for speeding at 30mph. Yep, they pulled me over and indicated that I was speeding (showed me the clocked speed to prove I was indeed speeding). The (cute) cop said I would have to pay 600 pesos (approx $50) and they would take my license plates off my car and I'd have to go claim them by paying the fine (BTW when you get a parking ticket here they also remove the front license plate and you have to go claim it by paying the fine which is very small--however, it is a big pain to do)...wouldn't it be easier if I settled with him? I had been told that a ticket actually costs only a few dollars so I said "give me the ticket" then some back and forth conversation in which I didn't speak spanish and he didn't speak english (or so each of us said)...again a suggestion that this was going to be too much trouble for me-- I would have to go to the judge to pay the fine and (again) couldn't we just settle it now...I said, "are you asking for a bribe?" He said "I don't understand what you are saying". Finally he said perhaps I could just pay for lunch for him and his fellow policeman and forget the ticket. I said, "No tengo dinero" but I did have 50 pesos ($3.50) which I could give them for lunch. After consulting with his fellow partner they said for me to just go...I am not sure if it was because it was too much work to deal with me or if I was perceived as a dumb blonde (again too much work)...anyway I am going to drive very, very s-l-o-w-l-y when I exit the speed trap tunnel in the future!

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Laurel said...

Wow, I like the way it works down there. Let's hear it for "dumb" blondes everywhere - they rule the universe!