Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Hour in PV

Laurel asked about how much margaritas cost in PV which got me to thinking about that important subject. I actually don't remember.

I've stayed in quite a few places in PV over the years and they all have "happy hours" which seem to begin in the late afternoon (after the requisite 'siesta'). Where I play Mah Jongg they ring a bell to indicate it's happy hour (for you non-drinkers 'happy hour' means 2 for the price of 1--I think).

At the hotel/villa I stayed at this last time they let happy hour start anytime you ordered after around 11am even though the posted time was 5 - 6pm. (my favorite this trip was fresh strawberry margaritas--2 was enough-- and when I ordered them along with a quesadilla I was a happy camper).

Some friends who live in PV told me that there is a local bar that has a special one day a week when they have free Hors d'Oeuvres and for the price of one drink you can eat all you want and it is so much it makes up a complete meal. I'll be searching that place out as it is apparently a place the locals go to for that special night and is a lot of fun to boot!

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