Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After four l-o-n-g years the divorce is final (some days are really just great and that one was stellar!) ...still some loose ends but this happens just in time. I got an email today that the Puerto Vallarta condo regime will be final in a week or two and I have 60 days to close after that.

I am staying with my sister in San Jose who had a very serious operation 2 weeks ago that's a story for my personal blog which I'll update soon. In the meantime Ed is supposed to send me some money in 5 - 6 weeks that almosts covers the amount I will need to close on my condo ($30K short). I should have easily have been able to cover it but 'you-know-who' has to support his 38 year old girlfriend (who is yonger than his youngest son) and her 9 year old son while living in a million dollar plus home....anyway if you would like to donate to the "save JoAnne's condo" (remember the site "Save Karen") Donations accepted by PayPal (

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