Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Price of Margarita's in P.V.

Way down in my blog I wrote about Laurel's question about the price of Margaritas in Puerto Vallarta....when I was last there (exchange rate was 12.50pesons = $1. USD)my friend and I got the happy hour deal for $3.US for two great mango margaritas! Now the exchange rate is $15pesos to $1 USD...those margaritas keep getting cheaper. Two pounds of avocados sell for $1.50 USD...gotta love those prices.

In the meantime I am leaving my apartment on Friday and will be living with my son, my sister and friends in Monterey, Carmel and the bay area....mostly I expect to be in San Jose helping my sister as she deals with some medical issues. Since I don't have a for-sure address you can just use my cell phone which T-mobile gave me a fabulous 'deal' on....unlimited calls anytime in the USA for $45....so call away...anytime but not too early.

Anyone wanting to help me pack let me know as Oliver and I will be boxing up 'stuff' and probably giving away some good things as we get ready for Friday's move.

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