Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second year in PVs g

I just reread this blog from the beginning until now--things change!

This summer isn't nearly as hot as last summer but boy do we have rain! After a dinner in old town I walked out to almost a river coming down the street outside. My car was parked on the opposite side of the street and I had to be driven across the street to get in it (don't ask--it's a crazy story). I will no longer go out in the evening until the rainy season is over unless I go by taxi. That's it!

It's the same this year as last's: in the slow season I almost always have the pool to myself (lovely). There are more full time residents here this year but some have gone on temporary vacations so people are in and out--others work so they aren't around during the day. I love swimming around in this great pool. My neighbor Dana gave me a kick board and a long tube thing so I can just float around when I'm not swimming--I must have been a mermaid in an other life as I LOVE the water. One neighbor has a dive shop and I think in October I will get back to diving (it's been a long time and I don't have a regular dive partner so I'm a little nervous...we'll see if i manage to overcome that).

I've added some new touches to my place: a mirror behind the kitchen sink reflects the pool and the Bay of Bandaras when I'm facing away from the view, each bathroom now has under sink cabinets for storage and I now have some great outdoor chairs and an ottoman so I can have my morning coffee overlooking the water.

There's more but I'll save that for another is good!

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