Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Beatles Come to Town

There's a new Performing Arts Center in town. Tonight's feature was a Beatles "Tribute Band" from the UK.

Things are done a little differently here. First curtain time was listed as 9:00pm! Although that was the start time the actual start time was about 9:40pm. The place is very nice: stadium seating, womens bathrooms are beautiful (really beautiful)with lots of stalls so that there isn't a women's line up, bar service in the lobby and at your seats along with munchies like chocolate covered almonds, pretzels, etc, valet parking--all really nice.

I've only been to two performances at the center: the one tonight and a ballet company from Russia. Audiences for both were enthusiastic (the ballet was sold out and the Beatles thing was almost sold out)--the performances were ok, clearly there is an audience here for more. OK, I'm spoiled having lived in both San Francisco and Los Angeles where ballet and theatre can be excellent--also I've seen many, many performances in London and New York so I'm spoiled...I'm hoping that with more time we'll get better groups.

The thing I'm liking about going to anything here is that I can count on seeing people I know and meeting new people...I have a stack of cards from the people I've met recently and now I'm having a hard time remembering who's who and where I met them....I must jot notes on the cards of where I meet people and something about them. I am amazed/enchanted/happy that the people here have such interesting backgrounds and are themselves so interesting.

The rainy season seems to be on it's way out although there is still the humidity to deal with (nothing a dip in the pool won't help). Folks are returning for "The Season"--some have returned recently (Hooray I am playing Mah Jongg again at the beach) --I've heard that more are due to arrive next week and the weeks to follow.

Restaurants are reopening and activities and party planning is in full swing--my calendar is already filling up...have to remind myself to just do one thing a day...hard to do but wise to do.

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. This will be my second year of celebrating this holiday featuring turkey,etc....then next month I'll get to do it all over again.

More later....

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