Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Awesome Phone Service!

In Mexico American TV and a USA phone service is right at the top for keeping up with life at home and keeping connected with friends and family . Today's blog has to do with telephone service.

I have lots of phones: a Mexican land line (comes bundled with WiFi whether you want it or not--there are other options but this is the easy/cheap way to do it), a Mexican cell phone, a USA cell phone (T-mobile), and some kind of phone with a USA phone number so one can receive calls from the USA without callers dealing with country codes & charges.

There's a new kid in town (phone-wise) and it's a winner! It's name is Rebtel and it's awesome!

I switched from Vonage ($29.95+ per month) to 1010talk ($10+ per month) to save money and I did save money (still using 1010 talk)...both are VOIP services...both allow me to have a working phone even if my computer is turned off (good in case family must reach me in the middle of the night)...decided against Magic Jack since I would need to have my computer on all the time and had seen some reviews of spotty clarity in transmission (yes, I get that with my VOIP too once in awhile).

Friend, Colin had told me about some service he was using that allowed him to use his land line and make calls for around a penny a minute. He calls the UK often and for some reason he's avoided using a VOIP service--maybe he used Skype. I really didn't pay a lot of attention the first few times he raved about this service but one rainy evening I "got it"...I guess I thought it was another VOIP service but I wasn't paying attention (mmmm....bad girl!)and this time I did get it...I could use my land line (great voice transmission, no need to worry if the internet goes down, etc) and I only pay when I use the service! I could give family and friends a phone # to call me at using their home phones (they get the area code from their city) and I get charged a penny a minute for their calls to me.

I got home and signed up for a free 3 minute trial and tried it out (Thanks Colin for helping me through the set-up process--I wasn't paying attention to the instructions on the website--bad girl!) was awesome! I used my free minutes to call a friend in the USA and she said the transmission was perfect (not always the case). It's easy to use and I am keeping it as a back up to my 1010talk number. I put in $10 to start and have had the service for over a month and so far it's cost me $1.00US...I still use 1010talk as my main phone since the phone # is the Los Angeles number I've had for years and everyone knows that number.

Rebtel rocks!

Got to run. Tonight is Canadian Thanksgiving and I am meeting with friends for some turkey, stuffing and goodies....more later!

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