Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Paradise

Since I'd seen children and grand children recently I decided to stay home for the holidays. My friend, Susan, came to stay for a month (it's payback time as I stayed with her for a couple of months this summer)...her son, Jon, and his girlfriend will be joining us after the first of the year--but I digress

Today was nice and lazy: watced TV--love the HGTV shows--read, a little swim, resting and even checked out the new gym which is coming along nicely but more on the gym later. At 7pm we joined friend, Lary (with one "R") for dinner at an outdoor restaurant and stayed until after 10pm when we decided to call it a night.

Weather doesn't seem to be as hot this year as last. I actually pulled out a blanket and around the middle of the night toss it over me (it's that cool!)

Not sure what Christmas Day will bring but I have some nice fat scallops in my frig that I think I'll cook up. Otherwise it could be a beach or pool day depending on what we feel like.

What have I been up to? Yesterday went out to a 'no kill' cat shelter for a tour. Picked out what may be my new daughter (cat)...waiting to see how she checks out with the vet and if she has any problems. Played Lotto and won one game (Lotto is the Mexican version of bingo but has pictures instead of numbers, each picture has a Spanish name so it's kind of a good way to pick up some new words.) The game was to benefit the cat shelter so I was doing a good deed by playing. Still playing Mah Jongg on the beach each week, beach ex-pat party last week, a couple of New Years party invites, writer's group on Saturday's along with the local Farmers Market and lunch after the writer's group with some of the members. Trips to Costco and Walmart.

The highlight of last week was the unveiling and sale of the new Bombaro's (Firemen's) calendar. As Kim sang "It's Raining Men" the featured firemen came! hot! hot! Screen in front showed photos that weren't included in the calendar. I crammed myself into a photo booth with a bunch of the Bombaros for a great photo...4 different poses and one was of them all trying to kiss me!...what fun that was!

Our new gym is turning out to be fantastically beautiful--as usual the builder exceeds our expectations. The view from the treadmills is not to be believed--guess you would call it a million dollar view. When I belonged to Spanish Bay Health Club (Pebble Beach) I thought the view they had was something...well, this is even more amazing! Hopefully the machines will be here soon and we can start using it.

For now I'm looking forward to the return of friends and to a wonderful 2011. Happy Holidays to you and may 2011 be your best year ever!

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