Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost End of Season

The Season in Puerto Vallarta lasts roughly from December 15 - mid April--during this time life gets very busy with parties, fund raisers, theatre, etc. Each week I think that I will have nothing to do but then the phone calls and invitations come in and I have to turn things down so that I can get some down time--never fails.

Tonight I will attend something at the new "Boutique Theatre", last night I played Mah Jongg with good friends from 6-12am. Tomorrow I will play Mah Jongg at Lindo Mar (restaurant with amazing beach views) in the morning and babysit one of a friend's (great real estate agent, Dana Scapa) penthouse listings. Thursday is another theatre event, Saturday is beach day and Sunday a movie. Next week brings a day at a hotel where 15 of us will spend a day at a luxury resort as a bridal shower for a friend--we will use all the facilities including restaurants, beach, bars, swimming pool, spa, etc...we've reserved two large taxi/buses to take us to and from the resort...also have a fashion show next week

Then guests start arriving and more fun which will probably involve dinners out, shows at The Palm, and some invites to my condo.

Somewhere in this busy time I will be visiting my family in Texas, Colorado and California...then back to more guests.

By the time Summer rolls around and friends leave I will be ready for quiet time with friends who live here full time (and of course some time away...maybe San Miguel de Allende with friends, a trip to California, or ?)

BTW I have a new addition to my family. A new kitten adopted from the Purr Project (a no kill cat shelter). His name is Armani. He has a twin brother who was adopted the same day and made his way to Denver. He is just the cutest ball of fur ever!

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