Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer's Here!!!!

Summer's here...or at least it's beginning since it's heating up (I am very thankful for the pool). I head for California soon to see my doctors and to deal with some personal business--during this trip I plan to throw in some visits with family and friends--I'm firming up my schedule now.

Recently PV had what is called "Restaurant Week" in which three course menus were offered by some of the top restaurants here for either $18 or $28 (approximate exchange rates). I was able to sample some great menus (one was in Richard Burton's old home--beautiful).

Soon our rainy season will start. Somehow the rains (and they are notyhing like we had in California...they are torrential with loud booms that follow huge bolts of lightning--quite a, I said nothing like I'd ever experienced in California). During this time TV often goes out so I've been stockpiling DVD's to watch during this friend, Lary (yes, with one "L") is spending a few months in San Francisco so he's told me that I will have his large DVD collection to watch during this time. The funny (to me) thing about our rain is that it seems to always start at 6pm as if the weather knew we're done with our essential trips during the day and are ok with staying in during the night. Now that I've experienced a couple of rainy seasons I am looking forward to this one. There is something nice about being tucked in safe and sound during the booms and flashes.

Since what is known as the high season is over the fun begins for those of us who live full time in PV. Things slow down and we have time to enjoy more time with friends, we find parking spaces more easily, events for locals take place like afternoons in air-conditioned theatres-- a nice time to sit back, slow down and enjoy this paradise!

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