Friday, August 5, 2011

Paramount Bay Night Out

Photos of a Paramount Bay night out in Puerto Vallarta. I live in a condo named Paramount Bay (BTW note: My ex-husband, Ed Rockower, and his attorney, David Parnie, monitor my blog and feel that because I post positive and fun events in my life and do not mention of any medical or stressful things in my life that I have no problems and I should not have fun EVER!).

Tonight several of us went to the local shopping center to see a flamenco dance display (note to Ed Rockower and David Parnie: it was free). After the show we went to a favorite restaurant, Pepe's. It is great to be back in PV and to reconnect with friends. Weather here is not as hot as it can be in PV. Loving being back in my own bed

Fun night.

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Lisa Grey said...

Really admire you for making this move...and a little jealous :)
Great talking with you last night.