Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Think I had Disappeared?

I just checked my blog and yes, it's been a l-o-n-g time since I updated you. 

We just completed what we call "The Season" and the town has quieted down. The slower pace is lovely for a change but it is not as slow as I'd thought it would be. My regular Mah Jongg group that meets at Lindo Mar Resort won't start up again until the fall so now I am meeting with a group at The Sea Monkey...both places are on the beach and have delightful views, nice food  and breezes.

I have also started an intense language class. It lasts 3 weeks and is exhausting. Three hours three times a week and about 4 hours of homework daily. Not a lot of time for anything else. 

I't heating up here so I finally decided to have my car windows tinted--what a difference that makes! I had it done yesterday so the car needs to be in the sun (not parked in my garage) so I'm going to a movie and also parking myself and my homework book in a coffee shop--that should keep the car outside for awhile.

Those of you who have been following my divorce--although it's been over for a long time most of it is finally over with the exception of the properties Ed tricked me into putting loans in my name after consulting with an attorney (unbeknownst to me) and paying himself back for a loan (on properties that he claimed to be his separate property!) his mother made...never mind that my mother made a loan which he chose not to pay back to me. Karma gets you every time and I think it is catching up with him. If you have become his friend on Facebook or LinkedIn you might want to rethink that--just my 2 cents!

As for life here it remains beautiful. The sunsets are amazing, the new friends I've made are wonderful, There's a beautiful view every day from my condo. The pool is at it's best. Friends from Monterey and Los Angeles have been coming to PV and it's nice to have them see my place and enjoy a meal and catch up with them.

Now I'm planning a trip to LA, San Francisco and Denver. In LA I am going to an amazing party but that's for another blog.

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