Sunday, July 19, 2009

Connected At Last

I have wireless internet which means I now have my Vonage phone connected and those of you who have been waiting to call me can call my 'old' Los Angeles number and not pay for calling Mexico (hooray!!!).

As soon as I initiallly got everything connected we had a big storm and the wireless part of my modem stopped working. I could be connected via an ethernet cable but that involved me bending like a pretzel to use it. First I had to spend time with a customer service representative via my Mexican phone and he had to indicate on my file that my wireless wasn't working so that I could exchange it for a new one...but I had to wait until the next day to return the modem (don't know why but that's the Telmex I'm growing to know and love)....So...another trip to the Plaza (I'm going to miss hanging out there so often). Brought the new modem home and, bingo! Everything is working (so far). We had a big storm last night with lightning and thunder and the wireless is still working so I have hopes that I won't be visiting Telmex too soon.

Some things I've been doing lately: swimming, Ex-Pat party (every two weeks at the Cheeky Monkey but I heard it's going to change to a new place in August as they close down until 'the season' begins again), meet-the-artist opening, writers group at the International Friendship Club building, shopping at Costco, napping and reading.

Next week I am volunteering at the orphanage--I did this a few years ago and loved it. Volunteers go for a couple of hours and play with the babies (those than can't walk yet) for awhile and feed them their lunch. Once this is done they all go to their cribs and have their naps and we leave.

I've also heard that there is a weekly charity bingo game so may (or may not) go to that.

Otherwise it's pretty quiet here. Of the 80 units there are only about 3 or 4 full time owners in residence (and I know one is on vacation). On weekends a few owners come in for a 2, 3 or 4 days. I am beginning to like the privacy and luxury of having the pool almost always to myself and having a huge permanent staff to take care of me (they carry my groceries or package for me, call taxi's, dump my trash, etc. I have a hunch things will begin to change around September when those who come for 'the season' return to PV.

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