Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get internet in my home (and the phone that comes with it--it's a 'deal'). I have made numerous trips to Plaza Caracol where Telmex is located--they are the one having the monopoly on telephone service in PV. I've gone a few times on my own and, most recently, with a new friend, Colin. I have had continual assurances that I was a) getting it within a few days b) getting it that day or the next and c) getting it within hours.
None of these have come to pass and I am still making daily treks to the lobby to use their free internet.

Each time I go to Telmex and present my order for service the person disappears behind a door and comes out with a message from the Manager (see a, b, c above). The time prior to yesterday the actual Manager came out to tell me I would have service at 5pm that night (NOT). Yesterday Colin and I went there again and this time the 'Manager of their Manager' was contacted and apparently due something I do not know about they have a line problem that they must fix prior to doing an installation for me. I will wait until next week and perhaps something will happen...

That is the biggest challenge of my time here which isn't bad as each trip to the Plaza means I can pick up items that I've forgotten or didn't realize I needed.

My favorite 'find' of the week is the Yalapa Pie Store. Yalapa is a beach that can only be reached by boat from PV. There is a famouse pie store there but I have been too lazy to go there just for a piece of pie. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I saw a sign across from Rizzo's grocery store that said "Yalapa Pies". The pies are beyond fabulous. I had a lemon meringue with the meringue at least 5" high! I mentioned this to my neighbors and the next morning one of them appeared at my door thanking me for the suggestion--he also presented me with a piece of coconut pie (not the coconut cream like we see in the USA but with lots of shredded coconut). Actually writing this is making me hungry and I'd like to try another version. I think I'll take a swim and then head for the pie shop. Adios for now, J.

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