Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Page in the Sun

Have been meaning to go to A Page in the Sun since I moved here but somehow never got there. Today I was determined to finally go there and it was exactly what I expected. Cozy, comfortable couches plus outdoor seating for people watching (which is great on Cal. Olas Altas in the Zona Romantica). Had a lovely latte and cheesecake and found a new book to read, bought it and will return it for 1/2 price credit when I finish it.

I've found days here (at least in the summer) are lazy and quiet. Hanging out at a used bookstore/cafe is just the thing to do on these hot humid days. After a nice quiet read I wandered around the area discovering new places and headed to Rizzo's grocery store that carries lots of American brands which are expensive here. Bought some supplies and headed home for a nap and to continue my reading.

All in all, kind of boring post to the blog for now (but boring is a good thing for me now) :-)

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