Thursday, July 23, 2009

How cool is this?

I just learned that the Security Team for my building (they are on duty 24/7) has a trained paramedic here all the time! The one thing that has worried me is if I should have an emergency or need a doctor suddenly what I would do (have the concierge call a cab?).The paramedic, Hugo, came by to meet me. I also learned that a room is being planned for the paramedics use with emergency equipment on premises. Since 90% of the owners are English speaking all employees are supposed to speak English (all Security Team members speak English but many of the service people are still learning)

One of the ladies I met Tuesday night gave me the name of the best hospital to use if I have an emergency.

Of course, I will continue using my own doctors in Los Angeles for my tests, etc, but it's nice to know there is help only a call away (I just press the blue button on the intercom). Happy dance time again!

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